I’m a columnist for The Daily Item, writing about Christianity and racial justice.

If you knew me when I was growing up in Danville, you might be familiar with my reputation as a devoted Christian. I always took my faith very seriously (which doesn’t mean I did a good job of following Jesus, who was literally and figuratively the Life of the party!). It’s only in the past ten years that I began learning about the complexities of racism, and as my understanding of sin has deepened, my understanding of redemption has become richer, too.

Many, many, many more qualified people have already written about this stuff. (To be clear, I’m not sharing a single original idea!)

But I want to share what I’m learning with the family, friends, and community that I love.

Anyways, you can read my first article published in The Daily Item by clicking here, but unless you have a subscription to that excellent local paper, you’ll have to read the rest of my articles on this little blog.