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What the…

Yes, we really do have to talk about it.

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Christians’ Urgent Opportunity: But Are We Afraid to Offend?

We evangelical Christians maintain an unspoken belief that we’re “the good guys” and we’ve always been “the good guys.”  When it comes to the sin of racism, we point to Quaker abolitionists and quote MLK Jr. as proof that Christians always supported truth and justice. We’re reassured.  If Christians were on the right side in […]

Go ahead, Call me racist!

I’m one of those people who takes the Bible seriously. Every word. I believe that I’m made of flesh and bone and sin, saved and redeemed by grace through faith. When I attended a racial reconciliation forum in college, I wasn’t offended when Black students talked about white people’s racial bias.  I was confused, because […]

Why Prayer Isn’t Enough

While discussing Black Lives Matter protests, several beloved Christian friends tell me, “Protests won’t change people’s hearts.  Laws and policy can’t fix the sin of racism.  We just need to tell people about Jesus and pray—we need Him to change us!”          I understand where my friends are coming from.  But I think racism requires […]

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